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Choosing Our Roots is a non-profit operating in the Alaska regions of Anchorage, Bethel, the Kenai Peninsula, and the MatSu Valley. We serve youth and young adults ages 13-24 experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Our mission is to ensure all Queer, Alaskan youth and young adults have access to safe homes, supportive communities, and opportunities to thrive.

Choosing Our Roots provides case management, housing support, and care coordination to assist participants in their life skill development. From referrals to mental and physical health care to education and workforce development support, Choosing Our Roots works with participants to meet their unique needs and help them reach stability. Our community partnerships create a social safety net for participants, teaching them about the available resources and how to access them if needed.

Our Host Home Program actively seeks dedicated volunteers who have the ability and desire to open their households to at-risk youth needing safe places to stay. This program is perfect for youth still enrolled in school, requiring additional support, or not ready for independent living. Host matches are provided with training and a monthly stipend. Our region-based case managers make regular check-ins to offer additional support and to provide ongoing training.

Choosing Our Roots is the only statewide provider of the Stabilization Program in partnership with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Stabilization is a Housing First Program that provides housing and rental support for adults ages 18+ experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking. As of May 2023, Choosing Our Roots has assisted over 100 households to stabilize and maintain their housing with this program, helping families and single adults achieve their independence.
SafeRoot Anchorage is a bridge housing program that provides housing, case management, and life skills development for up to 5 residents at a time. Participants are provided with safe, stable housing where they can learn essential skills, access appropriate resources, and establish a financial safety net for their long-term stability.

The best way to overcome the marginalization, oppression, and stigma that our queer youth and young adults experience is through community building and education. To help, Choosing Our Roots provides training on queer identity and the unique needs of the Community for community organizations and providers. Connect with us for more information if you are interested in such training for your team!